Companies that pay money for e-waste

Companies that pay money for e-waste

The electronics industry is expanding at a rapid pace, with gadgets getting quicker and more complex every day. The majority of individual’s update to newer, better electronic equipment, yet they frequently fail to discard their old devices in an environmental friendly manner. However, properly disposing of old technology is critical.

Here are several apps/websites that will not only help you recycle old gadgets but will also allow you to make money.

Scrapbuk allows you to sell your old electronics at the best prices in simple steps. Users need to go to the website or mobile application, click on request pickup and search their product in the items listed on the website, provide pickup details and then confirm order.

At the scheduled time, the firm executive rings the bell to collect the E-waste. He gathers the materials, weighs them on a digital scale, and then determines the total worth of the items you're selling. After you confirm the price, he gives you the same amount and takes your scrap.

Scrapbuk has had a significant influence on the booming waste management sector by establishing a profitable chain management with a hassle-free online pick-up arrangement for users via a dedicated Mobile Application and website.

Namo E-waste is a Delhi-based e-waste recycling business, offers the answer to the staggering and growing problem of e-waste generation. The firm collects various types of electrical trash and recycles it into various useful products. Namo E-Waste offers comprehensive recycling services for electronic waste disposal. The Pollution Control Board has given it permission to handle hazardous trash and e-waste, and it has the technology to recover metals from e-waste.

Karma Recycling is a prominent electronics recycling and e-waste buyback company. Users may sell functioning and non-working smartphones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices through its website portal. Karma Recycling is a company that buys and recycles outdated electronics. Users just need to submit product information, receive a quotation, arrange a pickup, and take payment.

Zolopik Recycling is another fantastic alternative for generating money by recycling electronic trash is Zolopik Recycling. To get started, users must first enter device information and select a city. They may receive a quotation for their items, schedule a pickup, and look for a list of local recyclers. On the website, users may look up e-waste pricing and pick from three different listing schemes.

nCashJunk is a firm that allows you to sell your working old electronics, as well as recycle gadgets that cannot be fixed and may be collected by recycling facilities. Users must first post their product on the website with a minimum bid amount, following which they must accept one of the accepted bids. They have the option of receiving funds by bank transfer or Paytm.