Get Creative With Your Old Newspaper

Get Creative With Your Old Newspaper

Every home has a stack of newspapers that no one knows what to do with once the day's news has been read. Finally, we all opt for the bi-monthly routine of negotiating with the kabadiwala for a good price for those used papers and selling them off. But did you know that old newspapers may be put to a variety of uses around the house? Aside from saving money, they're usually a biodegradable alternative. There are numerous uses for old paper, ranging from paper recycling to arts and crafts. It's time to get creative with your old newspaper to save one of the most important natural resources i.e., Trees.

Ways to use old newspaper:

Avoid Packing Problems

If bubble wrap is too expensive, use old newspapers instead. Wrap each piece individually in newspaper before placing it in a box covered by crumpled newspaper to protect it from damage. Fill in any gaps between the bottom and sides of the box, making sure that the paper separates all the items. It works effectively and, unlike plastic bubble wrap, is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Make Seedling Pots

Form sheets of newspaper into three-inch-high cups and fill them with potting soil to make DIY biodegradable seedling pots. Then, in the center of the soil-filled cups, sow seeds. Place the newspaper pots directly into the ground once the seedlings are ready to be moved outside, where they will ultimately decompose.

Make an Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Use old newspaper to make eco-friendly gift wrap this holiday season. Make the container stand out by using brightly colored portions of the newspaper, such as Sunday comics and advertising circulars. Then, using thin newspaper strips, make ornamental tassels or bows to go on top.

Animal shelters

Donate your old newspapers to animal shelters to be used as kennel and catteries liners.

Anti-weed helper

Damp newspaper should be used to cover weed-prone flower beds. The paper should then be covered with compost or mulch. The weeds will eventually be smothered by the paper, and the organic matter will aid in the growth of your garden.

Cleaning windows

Is trying to clean windows with a towel driving you insane because you can't seem to get rid of the streaks no matter how hard you try? Use an old newspaper to clean and absorb moisture at the same time. So no streaks, just gleaming windows. You can do the same thing with your car. Use a vinegar-and-water solution instead of a chemical/soap cleaner for even better results.

Ecofriendly paper toys and stationary

Children, particularly toddlers and preschoolers, like using their hands and mouths to explore new things. However, the majority of toys in the market, particularly those made of plastic, contain toxins. PVC and BPA-containing plastic toys are neither healthy for children nor environmentally friendly. Paper seed in Mangaluru, India makes the toys from paper Mache or paper pulp. They also manufacture seed embedded notepads.

Scrapbuk’s approach to save tress and use newspaper.

At Scrapbuk, we are constantly committed to making a difference and try to make the best out of waste. You know, over one lakh trees are cut in India every year just to make wooden pencils. We had a completely different and innovative approach to countering this newspaper pollution and deforestation.

We make special seed pencils that are not only wood-free but also made from waste newspaper and also have seed within. Once you are done using the pencil, plant it by placing the seed side in soil.

Scrapbuk has collaborated with different NGO’s that work for elderly people and widows and many other. We collect your scrap and give it to the NGO’s they then convert that paper scrap into pencils which act as source of income for them.

We offer five varieties of special seed pencils:

  • Tomato

  • Coriander

  • Fenugreek

  • Chili

  • Spinach

For every 1 kg paper scrap you get 2 seed pencils of your choice & for 10 kg scrap you get pack of 20 newspaper seed pencils.

So keep recycling with Scrapbuk and keep making the earth green.