Great ideas to sort your old clothes

Great ideas to sort your old clothes

Old clothes should never be thrown away in the bin. Whether they've gone out of fashion, shrunk or don't fit you anymore, they can be given a new life by donating them in drive such as ‘old clothes donation in Chandigarh’. Be creative, and don't even think to stuff your old clothes bin bag for dumping.

These are high days to do best for your environment and respecting that others may not able to spend much money to buy clothes. We can play a positive part in this by eradicating the throwaway culture that has become so accustomed.

Consider some of the ways enlisted below and give your clothes a new lease of life.

  • Donating and Recycling

There are various ways to donate old clothes. If you've acquired many items, one of the simplest things to do is visit nearby local charity shop, and arrange pickup for the bag from your home.

If you can manage to carry yourself, just visit your local charity shop where old cloth donations are accepted. Alternatively, many markets have charity boxes located in their car parks. Before disposing of, ensure that clothes are sealed.

While donating clothes, ensure they are in good condition, check them over for holes or stain. And thee items such as underwear cannot be resold.

If your old clothes are in poor condition that cannot be re-worn, then send them recycling old clothes
centre. The scraps will be used for stuffing car seats or pillows.

  • Customizing

It's OK to get bored with a piece of cloth that you bought a few months back. Be creative and jazz it up with color or accessories. For a simple and classy look, you can add buttons or bows to a T-shirt, coat or jumper.

Visit your local haberdashery to know what they are offering, and chat with the salesperson to get innovative ideas. They'll offer you plenty of tips up your sleeves, and will advise you on the material you need to buy.

Alternatively, if you do not dab hand at arts and crafts, just dress up your old clothes with jewelry such as chunky necklaces, brooches or belts.

  • Selling and Swapping

If you want to make money from your old clothes book yourself a stall at the local market or organize a yard sale. To attract the potent customer, make your stall presentable by hanging items such as dresses, blouses and women's jumpers on a rail. Use old baskets or suitcases to present bags and scarves.

If your friend is also planning to get rid of cloth too, then a clothes swap party is the best option. You can host it from your home, a pub or a village hall where there's I try room so that people can try things on. Serve some snacks and take silly pics of people wearing clothes.

Are you looking to donate your old clothes?

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