How can you make money from recycling cardboard

How can you make money from recycling cardboard

Did you know that there are organizations that pay you to recycle cardboard boxes for money? Almost all of your online orders arrive in a cardboard box. However, once you've ripped apart the wrapping and unwrapped the goods you've been waiting for, you'll be left with a big, used cardboard box. Also, majority of the companies replenish or stock up their shelves with products in cardboard boxes.

When you've done moving or put away any useless goods, you'll probably see stacks upon stacks of empty cardboard boxes. You probably use them to cover your floors when painting, to build a playhouse for your children or will simply throw them away.

Because of widespread availability of cardboard, selling cardboard for cash might be one of the simplest methods to earn money. Cardboard is an everyday part of life, and because of your efforts, it doesn't have to end up in a landfill.

Did you realize that the cardboard you toss in your trash bins may be worth a lot of money? We'll teach you how to gather and sell cardboard for money in a number of different ways. Plus, you'll be helping the environment.

Let's begin with where to look for old cardboard boxes.

Start by searching in your own house

We utilize cardboard on a daily basis. You're bound to notice cardboard boxes taking up space in your home if you look around. Some of the boxes you'll come across are shipping boxes, pizza boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, and cereal boxes.

It's a waste of money to throw out these cartons when you might be making money instead. Reselling and recycling large cartons is easy. Make sure they're clean and robust before you use them.

Supermarkets/Grocery stores

Because most of their products come in boxes, grocery shops are probably the greatest location to find cardboard boxes.

Liquor Stores

Shipments to liquor outlets arrive often. Because of the fragile glass bottles placed within each box, liquor stores are a good supplier of these thick cartons in various sizes.

Book Stores

How do books get from one place to another? Strong cardboard boxes are used. Both small, independently owned bookshops and large-chain bookstores should have a good supply of durable cardboard boxes. Go inside and strike up a conversation with whoever is at the front desk. Inquire whether there are any boxes available for you to take. You may also ask local college and university bookstores for extra boxes.

Let’s look at where you can sell cardboard in Tricity and make money!


Started in 2020, the Tricity-based startup collects all recyclable items including E-waste, aluminium, plastics, iron, paper, glass, books and so on. Scrapbuk is one of the few cardboard box purchasers who accept cardboards. To sell, an individual has to do is request a pickup online. 

He gathers the materials, weighs them on a computerized scale, and then determines the total worth of the items you're selling. After he gives you the same amount and takes your scrap. All boxes are manually sorted and inspected , which takes time and effort and then these boxes are either kept in warehouse or transported to recyclers. You won’t have to pay for any pickup fees.

Steps to sell your scrap to Scrapbuk – the online scrap dealer and buyer for recycling

  • Download the application or visit
  • Click on request Pick-up and enter your details.
  • A Scrapbuk executive will reach out to you to confirm your pick-up day, time and location.
  • A pickup team will come to your location to collect the scrap, and you will be compensated promptly via cash or any other methods.

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