How environmental issues can be solved with Recycling waste?

How environmental issues can be solved with Recycling waste?

As per the latest news by Hindustan times – India has been ranked on 180 number in terms of global environmental performance. The main reason behind this is to focus on economic growth and less on sustainable development.

The 2022 Environment Performance Index (EPI), a study by Yale and Columbia University researchers that gives a data-driven overview of the state of sustainability around the world, gave India the lowest score.

Because of its inadequate policy and implementation on several environmental fronts, India was ranked 180th in the EPI, which ranks 180 nations on 40 performance indicators including climate change, environmental public health, biodiversity, and so on.

Denmark's case on Sustainability

Contrary to India, countries like Denmark have secured the second position in the global environment index on the basis of pollution, climate change, policy, energy, oceans, and biodiversity.

This happened due to Denmark actively implementing a climate action plan in its political infrastructure enacting a climate act that aimed at reducing the Greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 70% by the year 2030 as compared to the 1990 emissions level.

With the climate act, Denmark also successfully halved their carbon dioxide emissions by reducing the usage of coal and substituting it with cleaner sources of energy such as wind and solar energy.

Situation of managing waste in India

 This shows how important managing resources are. In India, resources are needed to managed in a more efficient way. It’s not the policies which have to be improved but responsibility on our part is also required to so that everyone can contribute towards a better environment.

Why recycling waste is important for environment?

Recycling is a pre-requisite for better Environmental conditions and you need to ensure that you are regularly recycling the waste in the most efficient way. Today, we thoughtlessly throw waste without even thinking is it recyclable or not. That’s where we make a mistake. We need to ensure that we are recycling and properly disposing waste.

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