How much are scrap hard drives worth?

How much are scrap hard drives worth?

Not so long ago, the computer was considered a novelty at home, as it is an expensive device that manages multiple things from handling your chaotic home to surfing the internet. Unluckily, the lifetime of this high-tech piece is very short as compared to the price tag. Innovation in technology and software update has made hardware purchase outdated within 5 years. Power supplies, video cards, network cards and hard drives are all liable to the heat effect.

Electricity pumped through systems unit at any given prompt generates heat, which over time eventually fails hard drive. This is the point where Scrapbuk comes into play, we are leading scrap removal company where you can sell scrap hard drives at handsome rates.

The worst part about hard drive dying is that most of it cannot be just thrown away, as there are plenty of components that can harm the environment and human health if not disposed properly or just sent to landfill. Just imagine, years of your personal information and data just sitting on landfill, waiting to get picked until you find some way to destroy it.

The good news: all the component of your hard drive can be salvaged. All the elements from circuit boards and components can be reclaimed. However, the process of recycling precious metals is not safe to do on their own. So why treat your gem-like scrap?

If you are planning to get rid of your hard drive, hire scrap buyer company that can keep your hard drive out of the landfill. Apart from this, they don’t charge for disposal and also pay you for scrap old hard drives!

Can I destroy my hard drive?

Yes! You can destroy your hard drive, as there are plenty of method available such as hammers, magnets, or running over it with a truck – but you can recover your data if you don’t go through verification process.

Recycling your scrap old hard drives through certified recycler offer you peace of mind that your data is completely ruined and is unrecoverable.

Why do certified company is required for hard disk recycling?

Certified hard disk recyclers are bounded by the standards and offer you with a guarantee of certain things such as

  1. Secure data destruction
  2. Environmental responsibility

These certifications are very costly and timing consuming, so only certified recyclers are financed in keeping those standards.

We are certified company leading with standards such as environmental health, quality and safety. 

Hire us, inоrdеr to get the best scrap value of hard drives, we offer our client with an array of deals and offer so that you go with one which best suited for you.