How to ensure a good waste management system at home?

How to ensure a good waste management system at home?

Just give it a thought, if you don’t throw away the garbage out of your house what will be its condition? It will be nothing less than a huge mess with foul smells and insects roaming around. Think that cockroach roaming around fly towards. We can hear the screams, right?

 That’s why Scrapbuk has come up with this blog so that you know how you can ensure that there is an efficient waste management system at home. How to manage your home waste? The very first step to managing waste at your home is Segregation. We know that this has been said a lot of times but to start you need an efficient waste segregation management system at home so that you can be more aware of what you have to do with the waste and how you have to do that. This will eventually lead you towards the roadmap of the efficient waste management system. The best way of waste management is to identify in which bucket the waste lies.

Usually, there are three bucket in which you can segregate your waste. We can definitely say that this is the best way of waste management because it helps you to manage your waste in the best possible way.

Here’s how you can understand the three waste management buckets:

Organic Waste -This waste is the wet waste which comes out of our kitchen. This kitchen waste consists of leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells and etc. If this waste is handled properly this can be converted into compost which can be used for your indoor plants.

 ● Toxic Waste - Now, coming on the second point that comes from our daily use things such as batteries, medicines, shoe polish, bulbs, fertilizers, etc. We need to handle this waste very carefully and dispose them in an efficient way. Handling these waste poorly can lead to emission of harmful gases in the environment. That’s why it is very crucial to manage this waste in a responsible way.

● Recyclable Waste - Materials like paper, glass, metals and plastics which can be recycled should be collected separately and send to recycled plants which in turn can ensure that this is not going to waste material.

 How can waste management system be improved?

 Now, a question must be coming to your mind that that how you can improve the waste management system.

Well, the answer of this question is Recycling waste. It is more important to recycle the waste rather than segregation because when you minimize wastage, it becomes easier to segregate waste. Overall, this helps in the improved waste management system. Importance to managing our waste at home When we manage waste at our homes, we are contributing towards a better environment as our waste is not going to the landfills. We promote circular economy as when we are segregating and managing the waste by sending them to their respective place where it gets utilized in the best possible way. This leads to better utilization of resources as we are minimizing the wastage of resources. This leads towards a better and sustainable future.

When you manage the waste, even the hazardous waste gets managed in a more responsible way. How can you practice waste management at home? We understand that starting waste management suddenly can a tedious work. You will have trouble keeping up with your family's garbage output. That’s why you have to put a bit more thought into the way so that you can manage your household waste which will help you to become more organized over the period of time.

Here are simple and effective ways of managing ways at home:

  • You can repair the re-usable items instead of throwing them away.
  • Some containers and Plastic bottles can be reused in the kitchen.
  • Prefer Buying products that have long life, are durable and reduce turnover of clothes and other products at your home.
  • Avoid purchases of products such clothes and other appliances if you don’t need them.

Now, we have talked about how we can ensure better waste management at home. Let’s talk about how can you develop an effective waste management and disposal strategy?

For that you have to be more conscious about which waste will go to which bucket. You need to understand how you can make compost out of your wet waste. You can understand how you will be disposing the toxic waste. And when it comes to your recycling waste you can always contact your local online scrap buyer.

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