How to get rid of old books

How to get rid of old books

It can be tough to know what to do with all old books, whether you are a book fanatic or simply have accumulated heaps of volumes over time. Sure, you may exhibit your favorite books in a variety of ways throughout your house, but what about those books you don't want? Throwing away old books is, of course, taboo in our – or any – culture.

This blog will show you three different ways to dispose of unwanted books. Let’s get into it.

What to do with old books


Sell Your Books

You might try to sell books that have market worth. If you know where to search, you can often find a buyer for low-value books. Here are some sites where you may sell your old books.


Websites for auctions and classified ads

You may sell your old books on sites like Ebay and Amazon, as well as classified advertising sites like Craigslist. Perform some research to discover whether anyone else is selling your titles on these sites, and how much they're going for. This will assist you in determining your own pricing. But did you know that there are other comparable websites that may assist you in selling your books? One of them is us. You can sell your books, magazines to us for recycling and get a good price for it.


Local Bookstores

Secondhand bookstores offer books at around half the cover price, and they'll purchase your old books for about 15% of the cover price.


Consignment stores and Flea Markets

Consignment stores and flea markets are all excellent venues to sell several your old books. Rather than setting up your own booth, take your books to those who already have one. Pack your book lots such that more appealing titles are mixed in with less desirable titles so that you may sell all of your books in one go – and aren't stuck with a box of books no one wants.


Donate Your Old Textbooks

 When you no longer desire your old books, donating them is probably the simplest option. When it comes to donations/contributions, you don't have to put in a lot of effort or money. You can also feel secure, pleased, and fulfilled knowing that you are assisting a fellow in getting a better deal than you did.



When considering where to donate your books, the first place to think about is your local library. In this day and age, libraries may appear to be out of date, yet many people still utilize them, particularly in elderly or impoverished communities. To help your community, consider donating your old books to your local library. The majority of libraries accept used and moderately damaged books.


Thrift Stores

If you don't have a library near you, thrift stores are a good alternative. It's also a location where you can donate your books and help people in your community have access to affordable resources.


Recycle Your Textbooks

If you're not sure what to do with your old books, you can recycle them. Nowadays, recycling is growing in popularity and the majority of people are following suit. You will be helping the environment if you choose this option.

Why Should Books and Magazines Be Recycled?

  • Recycling one tonne of paper saves three cubic yards of landfill space, 370-380 gallons of oil and 17-20 trees, as well as 4,000 kilowatts of electricity and 7,500 litres of water.
  • Paper makes up half of all recyclables collected at curbside, and books and periodicals are among the heaviest.
  • Only 33% of our new paper pulp is made from recycled resources; the remainder comes from chopping down trees and wood scraps.

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