How to get rid of old computer monitors

How to get rid of old computer monitors

Electronic waste (e-waste) is the fastest-growing problem and outdated computer monitors are major significant portion of tech trash. Hazardous waste includes computer monitors as well as other electronic devices. If computer monitors and other e-waste are disposed of in a landfill, a variety of chemicals and compounds they contain can leach into groundwater and soil. These dangerous compounds could be released into the environment or even into drinking water sources.

Get rid of your old computer monitor to prevent it from becoming harmful waste. Taking your old monitor to a recycle center or donating it is the easiest way to get rid of it.

Do computer monitors have precious metals

It is widely known that many computers and electronic items contain precious metals such as gold. Some electronics like printed circuit boards, CPUs, and other components, can have relatively high levels of precious metals, such as:

Gold: Gold is used in printed computer chips (CPU), circuit boards and connectors

Silver: In printed keyboard membranes, circuit boards, computer chips, and some capacitors have silver.

Platinum: Platinum is used in circuit boards components and hard drives.

Palladium: Palladium is used in hard drives, capacitors and circuit board components.

Copper: In wiring cables, printed circuit boards, CPU heat sinks and computer chips copper is used.

Nickel: In circuit board components nickel is used.

Tantalum: In circuit board components and some capacitors tantalum is used.

Cobalt: In hard drives cobalt is included.

Aluminum: Aluminum is used in computer chips, hard drive, printed circuit boards and CPU heat sinks.

Tin: In printed circuit boards and computer chips tin is used.

Zinc: In printed circuit boards zinc is used.

Neodymium: In hard drives neodymium is used.

How to sell computer monitor scrap online?

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Scrapbuk's computer monitor scrap value

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