How to make money from e waste

How to make money from e waste

Most of the people throw away their old gadgets to the bin to make their room up-to-date with new tech. However, this approach leads to environmental destruction as these gadgets contain toxic metal.  

Having a look into the matter through financial prospect, you are just throwing away money whenever you replace old gadget with new one-especially when it is still working. If I say that you can earn money from e-waste, Shocked! Yep, you can earn money from your old electronic gadgets.

Let us discuss some innovative and optimize ways to organize your e-waste while earning a handsome amount of money.

Sell e waste online

There is a market for the glass, metals, plastics and electronics, so you can collect electronic scrap and sell it online to the organization who reuses the materials for industries. Or you can do it individually by selling your old cell phone or iPod to an online business which will refurbish and resell it.

For instance, Scrapbuk can provide you with handsome cash in exchange for your outmoded electronics.  

E waste exchange

If your gadget is in good condition, then you can sell it by yourself and get cash in return for your efforts.

If you want to avoid shipping fees, and the troublesomeness of packaging and labelling than you can sell locally via websites like Scrapbuk, which allow the consumer to sell their gadgets free of charge.

Donate them for good cause

Unbeknownst to us, NGO’s for domestic violence victim use donated cellphones to keep victims safe. Yet another opinion to donate your old consoles, tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, radios, televisions and DVD players to a non-profit organization.

Many schools and churches also need donations to support the community, so you can give your old gadgets new life by letting the less fortunate to enjoy them.

Haul it away

If you have your transport conveniences such as van or truck and helpers, you can charge people to dispose of their old electronics. Note that if you want to opt-in, you should be familiar with the laws regulating for proper disposal of electronics, especially computer monitors or TV. They contain much harmful metal and must be disposed of responsibly to prevent environment polluting.

Transform it

You can use electronic components to make old gadgets completely new one which you can sell. Some enterprising artists use the discarded element of electronic devices to create art work.

If you like you can learn about e-waste management through an online course and earn cash by selling trading or recycling your e-waste.

All these opportunities are the perfect way to make e-waste management more profitable. Also, you can get in touch with our expert for e-waste selling through our website and get a handsome amount of cash along with the exciting offer.