How to recycle plastic at home

How to recycle plastic at home

From water bottles to shampoo bottles, it’s true to say that our houses are completely occupied with plastic containers that make our lives convenient. However, most of us throw away these plastic containers, which can be reused or recycled.

Recycling and repurposing plastic scrap is much easier than many may think, and you can save tons of money. Additionally, properly recycling of pet plastic bottles benefits nature by reducing the need for landfills and conserving natural resources. Don’t know how to start? We have enlisted simple and ingenious ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle plastic items, and we’re offering you the ultimate guide on it through this article!

Which Plastic Items Can Be Recycled?


Here are some of the most common plastic items that can be easily recycled at home:

  1. Pet Plastic bottles
  2. Peanut butter jars
  3. Juice and milk cartons
  4. Cleaning product containers
  5. Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  6. Salad dressing and oil containers
  7. Bleach and laundry detergent containers
  8. Yoghurt and butter tubs

After recycling, these plastic items can be transformed into new products, including tote bags, furniture, plastic food containers, composite lumber, clothing, benches, pipes, carpet, tables, pet homes and even fencing.

How to Reuse Plastic item at Home?

There are plenty of simple and innovative ways to reuse plastic items at your homes. Here are a few innovative ideas for reusing waste plastics items:

  1. Use milk jug or fruit juice container to water plants.
  2. Use old salad containers to store homemade salad.
  3. Use peanut butter jars to store snacks like nutcrackers.
  4. Use cheese puffs snack containers to store pet food, as it keeps ants at bay.
  5. Cut off the bottom of pet plastic bottles and use them to grow small indoor plants. They are also a great idea for seeding!
  6. Wash and reuse plastic bottles as appealing water containers for refilling water glasses.

How to Transform Old Plastic Items

If you want to do something creative with your plastic scrap and want to transform them into something new, here are some innovative DIY ideas to start:


Transform Gum Holders into Travel Storage Containers:

Cute containers can be turned into first aid kits, mini sewing kits and much more.


Make a Phone Charging Station:

Make a casket for your mobile phone from an old plastic bottle, and never worry about charging of your phone.


Turn a Kitty Litter Container into a Litter Scoop:

Now, this trick is astonishing!! With few items, you can turn your old cat litter container into a cat litter scoop.

By using these recycling strategies, you can contribute toward the health environment, as this reduces the landfill area, increase the quality of air, and have fun by making your products without spending any penny! If you don’t have enough time to invest, the thing you can do is collect the plastic bottle and sell them to local plastic scrap buyer for recycling.