How to Recycle Your Electrician Scrap

How to Recycle Your Electrician Scrap

While talking about recycling, the first thing strike to everyone’s mind is paper, cardboard, glass and plastic recycling. We all rarely give a second thought to what happened to our other goods or electrical appliance. It is high time to think about electrical waste, as electrical equipment is the fastest-growing rubbish across India.

All of us know how much we are dependent upon electrical goods to enjoy life and to function in our modern society. But it's perchance a little frightening, that according to recent statistics around 15kg per person of electrical waste is produced every year. Annually, India produces around 1 million tons of electrical wire scrap.

What Electrical items can be recycled?


Electric Cables

Most Electricians, throw away cables when they’re finished. Worse, some of them pay to towed off to the dump.

But, they can use cable recycling to lift their bottom line. The only thing they need to do is separating the wire properly.


Organizing Cable

Aluminum, copper and alloys all come in at different rates so don’t forget to separate your wires. Before bringing your electric wire scrap, take a moment and separate your scrap cables to earn more worth.



Before transformers recycling, call your recycling centre and ask if they take it or not. Not every facility recycles transformers so, it considers beneficial to break it down.

For Electricians, especially in larger companies, this is too monotonous for bulk work. Instead, it’s better to sell it to nearby online scrap buyer company.


Scrapping Mini-Transformers

On the other hand, Mini-transformers don’t have any liquids inside and are safer. Usually, these are found in old computer cables, tool cables and similar appliances.

With the help of screwdriver remove the plastic shell and take it apart. Then with the help of magnet separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Electric Motor Recycling

Electric Motors are communal items to recycle, you can break down an electric motor by hand or scrap them in bulk. 

 If you’re planning for bulk electric motors recycling consult with recycling facility to schedule a door step pick-up.


Find The Right Electric Scrap Recycler

It’s very vital to establish a potent relationship with a scrap processing expert that you can trust. They’ll help you with your scrap copper cable recycling to the right facilities. When you bring your trash to the right centres, they process the materials on-site and offer you more for your scrap.

Scrapbuk can help you as a scrap buyer company, with locations across Tricity. Not only can they in cleaning out trash, but also arrange your scrap to be shipped to the right facilities, so you can earn more from your efforts. Give them a call at 078143 00366.