How to Recycle your old laptop?

How to Recycle your old laptop?

How much is a laptop worth for scrap?

Laptops contain a treasure trove of parts that can be reused. You may get a lot of extra value out of your old hardware, whether it lives on as a spare part or not. You can also donate a broken laptop to a Recycling company like Scrapbuk Services Pvt Ltd. that repairs it and provided it to reputed Ngo's like Aashray.

 How to sell dead laptops online?

These days, the technology and gadgets sector advances at incredible speeds. Most laptops are dead in a couple of months, therefore selling your old laptops as part of your upgrading routine is a good option. Selling laptops, you don't use or haven't upcycled makes it easier to buy your next laptop. You may easily sell your laptop to online scrap dealers through their website. There are various online scrap buyers, such as Scrapbuk Services Pvt. Limited, that lets customers sell their old laptops in a secure, convenient, and simple manner while also offering reasonable prices for your dead laptop. They provide a free, fast online price quote for your product, and the amount of money you may earn for a laptop varies greatly depending on the type, age, and condition. 

How to Sell scrap laptop to Scrapbuk?

The majority of people are aware that a laptop cannot be thrown away in a regular trash can or garbage bin. Computers and laptops, as well as tablets, notepads, and mobile phones, are classified as E-waste and must be properly recycled since they contain toxic materials that are dangerous to the environment.

Scrapbuk Services Pvt. Limited is a one-stop solution and an authorised dealer, in disposing of your old laptops and providing you with one of the best prices. You can sell your unwanted and broken laptops here. First, you need to register through our website and give all the required information then we schedule a pickup after that our team visits your place and pay instant cash upon pickup. Selling it to scrapbuk is the right choice in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula), we responsibly dispose old laptops.

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Ankita Devi