Is it worth stripping copper wire for scrap

Is it worth stripping copper wire for scrap

Hanging in and out, you will come across plenty of electrical wiring and fixtures, where you can find copper components. Copper is most commonly used in electrical components as it is an ideal electricity conductor and is easy to recycle. Therefore, most of the electric components can be manufactured and reused.

The old copper wire kept in your storeroom can be sold to copper wire scrap buyers in India for recycling. This way you can contribute to saving your environment and making extra money simultaneously.

One of the effective ways to sell copper wire is after stripping it, as stripping increase the copper wire price and value. Copper wire stripping can be achieved by using precise tools and techniques.

Enlisted below are points which you need to consider while stripping copper wire.


Avoid damaging the wires underneath

While cutting the insulation be careful that you should end up with serving coating only not the fine copper beneath. Make sure that you do not nick up inner portion while working on the case, a small cut or damage can bend the connection. Such cut or damage results in an electric fault, hence it’s important to keep wire underneath safe.


Avoid burning of wire

For easy stripping, most of the people opt for burning off the insulation. Even though the melting process is used in copper stripping, but it is not done by burning wire. Through this, you can achieve your purpose, but in the end, you will be left a messy wire.


Avoid hammering

Another shortcut method, in this insulation is scattered or damaged for a stress-free removal. This method is very time-consuming and at last, you will have left with badly damaged wire, which is impossible to reuse.


The options

For perfect wire stripping, you need plenty of different notch tool so that you can choose the right size according to the diameter of the wire. These tools are specially designed for stripping, offer you an easy and strong grip that you need to strip down the wire. These tools are operated in electricity and simple solutions to wire strapping. Once you get the perfect tool, squeeze handles to peel off the insulation and pull it off with ease with a secure grip on the copper wire.

Copper wire stripping can be a time consuming if you are not well-appointed with proper equipment and tools. Unfortunately, most people are not equipped with proper machinery so they use knives or other sharp objects to remove insulation, this process is very time consuming and dangerous. 

So, to avoid this all, you can hire copper wire buyer service provider as they use proficient machines to strip a large number of wires in the shortest span.