Problems related to Plastic in Oceans

Problems related to Plastic in Oceans

We know how we have been throwing garbage into the oceans and polluting it with plastic, garbage and what not? We thought we can get rid of all these things without much hassle and we found an easy way that is to dump them into the ocean. But your waste has been creating a lot of problems with underwater life a lot. That’s why we need to understand what is the problem and how can we solve it. That’s what we are going to discuss in today's blog, which is about “Problems related to Plastic in Oceans”. So, without any delay let’s get started. 


What’s the problem with plastic?

Plastic either on Land or in Oceans has a reason for global crisis. Hundreds to Thousands of seabirds, sea turtles, seals and even many endangered other marine mammals get killed after taking plastic or getting entangled in it. So, the plastic we have taken so casually has such a huge impact on marine life. Now you must be thinking


Where does this plastic waste come from?

This plastic that we throw comes from land-based sources i.e. our houses, food items, single-use plastic and from so many other sources. It is our habit of using single-use plastic which creates such havoc in the oceans. The plastic is not coming from any other sources it is from where the plastic is coming and taking a toll on the ocean.


Why is the ocean so badly affected by plastic?

Oceans are so badly affected by marine debris because a lot of waste is coming comes from land-based sources including litter, trash and debris from construction, ports and marinas, commercial and industrial facilities, and trash blown out of garbage containers, trucks, and landfills.1 Even there are Ocean-based sources, such as overboard discharges from ships and discarded fishing gear, that causes the discharge of plastic into the oceans. 

Due to all these reasons, oceans are affected so badly by plastic. Now we take a lot about the problem, what could be a possible solution for this?


What is the Solution for Plastic in the Ocean?

  • Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics
  • Recycle your plastic waste Properly 
  • Avoid Products Containing Microbeads
  • Spread the Word
  • Support Organizations Addressing Plastic Pollution


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