Recycling Aluminium Cans

Recycling Aluminium Cans

Aluminium is considered a feasible metal that can be recycled countless times without losing any quality. The process of recycling aluminium is always cheap and fast and most importantly, they are 100% recycled which proves they are valuable than all metals.

Aluminium recycling is a process whereby scrap aluminium is reused in products after its first use.



Being one of the most recycled consumer product, it has contributed a lot to the well being of all generations by preserving energy and other natural resources.

When the aluminium can is processed, various stages are undertaken taken to come up with the initial production. Here are some of the steps of processing aluminium can recycling.



Once Aluminium cans are used, the consumers throw them into recycling bins where the logistics services come to collect and drop them in recycling centres.




The next step is cleaning them once they reach the recycling centres. Sorting is done to remove the mixed materials that can be found in the pile. They are cleaned and then sorted out using industrial technologies to grind them for proper processing.




Shredding is known as the action of tearing and cutting aluminium into shreds. Aluminium cans are metals and there is no way they can be torn with bare hands. A machine called Aluminium Can Shredder Machine is mostly the one used for easy grinding. This is done to reduce the volume for efficiency in the recycling and recovery process.




Aluminium has the highest melting point compared to other metals like copper and iron. When aluminium is recycled, it excludes the smelting point which helps to reduce the immense amount of energy. Melting aluminium cans in a large furnace in temperatures can reach or exceed 750 Degrees Celcius.




After melting the aluminium, the molten aluminium is then placed in a holding furnace where the aluminium stands up until it is ready for changing into an ingot. An ingot is a mass of metal cast into a size and shape such as a bar and a plate. This is now the moment the aluminium is poured into the molds.




This is the final stage of the whole process where the ingots are now lifted using overhead careens from casting pits which are transported to be made into new products.


The cans are now filled into beverages and brought back to the shelves for another use.




The need for aluminium is growing constantly day by day. Every day factories produce beverages that are for consumers. Aluminium cans have been one of the best-recycled material contributing to the well being of the environment. The good thing is that the secondary production has never lost its initial state. Every time Aluminium is recycled, the outcome results remain the same. Aluminium is recycled unlimited times.

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