Scrap Trading Company

Scrap Trading Company

Scrap Trading Meaning

Scrap Trading is a business through which you can earn good profit along with saving the environment simultaneously. Recycling saves huge amounts of resources and energy. Along with cleaning the environment junk, you will also transform it into useful items. There are two ways to start scrap trading company:  

  • You can put up a buying station and carry the scrap to recyclers
  • Have your warehouse to store the scrap

Even a middle-class person can start a scrap trading company. The requirements are relatively very simple. To assist you, we have catalogued some tips that will help you to know about the needs of this venture:


Have sufficient capital

You can start up the scrap trading company on a shoestring budget if your location needs little improvement and rental. Most of the money should be invested in scrap purchasing. If you have enough capital, a delivery vehicle is the worth purchase.


Decide what kind of scrap you want to trade

There are plenty of things you can collect for recycling. Some items you need to focus on our scrap paper, scrap metal, glass and plastic.


Find a suitable location

A leading location is not vital. If you don’t want to store the scrap, 30 square meters of space is enough. However, if you want to store scrap for better prices, then you should go with at least 100 square meters. Make sure that there would be no restrictions on starting a scrap trading business in the community.


Register your business

Get your scrap trading company register with the Department of Trade and Industry as a sole owner or at the Securities and change commission for a corporation. Then get your business approved from the barangay and municipal hall. 

In the end, now you need to register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.


Have potent buyers for your scrap

Catalogue the potential scrap buyers and checkout which of them will offer you with the best offer. Develop a healthy relationship with at least three to four buyers. Going with a single buyer leaves you with no choice and with multiple buyers you will have better-negotiating leverage.


Know the going, buying, and selling prices

You must be up to date with the latest information about the buying and selling price of the scrap. Be attentive and careful monitor the ongoing trends to evade losing on your dealings.


Have the proper equipment

The largest and the worth spending here would be investing in a delivery vehicle, if you already have it then go for accurate weighing scales. Other expenditures include the equipment to process your trash.


Know how the business is operated

Ultimately, the most significant thing is to know how to maneuver the scrap trading company well. Learn the accurate and precise way of running a business from experienced ones; this will make your business more efficient and will minimize the risks of being cheated.