Sell Raddi Online

Sell Raddi Online

What does raddi mean?

Raddi is a hindi word refers to used and discarded paper for example (Old Newspaper, Magazines, Books and other Scrap paper etc.)

How to sell raddi online?

Several companies around India are now providing free waste paper collection pickup services at their customers' doorsteps. Such internet services have not only made waste management more manageable and profitable, but they have also ensured that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Scrapbuk Services Pvt. Limited is a one-stop company among the several foundations now presently active in Tricity. We gather scrap from people's doorsteps. We ensure that our customers get better prices than provided by local kabadiwals. As a result, you not only contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, but you also get profit from your Scrap paper.

How does scrapbuk collects raddi?

Scrapbuk is an online web platform that aims to eliminate all flaws in the sale and purchase of scrap from customers. We made a massive impact in our rapidly waste management industry by providing a profitable services with a hassle free online scrap pick up arrangement for our customers.

By using our website and mobile application where you can easily sell your raddi. You just need to fill-up all the necessary details like name, address etc.

We also accept donation from our customers.

What we do with the raddi after collection?

We purchase paper and sell it to the recycling sector, which processes it into new products. Waste paper is effectively utilised as a secondary raw material in this way but if we get books in raddi, we donate it to the NGO’s mentioned below-


Prices provided by us to customers

Currently we are offering newspapers and cardboard at 15 per Kgs. Please see our website because our prices change frequently with time