The Ultimate Guide for Selling Old Batteries

The Ultimate Guide for Selling Old Batteries

People always ask whether or not they can sell old batteries for recycling. The short answer is yep! You can sell old batteries for proper recycling. But there are a few catches – first is which types of batteries are recycling. This guide is mentioned below about battery recycling and what can be recycled.

What’s what?

Lead-acid batteries are the prime type of battery accepted by scrap buyer. These batteries are commonly found in cars, trucks or heavy construction machinery. Whilst smaller everyday batteries are also recyclable, these should be transferred at safe recycling points.

Lead-acid batteries are low-priced and account for approximately 40 – 45% of battery sales, but nowadays, they’re being replaced with lithium-ion batteries, which power electric cars.

The recycling process

You should not attempt to remove parts of the battery by own. Always handle lead-acid batteries with extra care while transporting them to the facility. If there is any leaks or damage, then you should take extra care such as wear protective gear while handling it.

At Scrapbuk, we safely separate the toxic substances and recycle them separately. Overall, the recycling process saves time, resources and money compared to manufacturing new products from virgin ore or scratch.

Why it’s important to recycle?

As the name infers, these batteries contain lead compounds, which are heavy metals and toxic to the environment as well as humans. They also comprise of sulfuric acid, so the dumping of these batteries in landfill leads to the contamination of soil and groundwater. This is the prime reason for recycling lead-acid batteries.

Another important reason is that the resources of these batteries are finite and by recycling, we can be giving them a new lease on life. Lead is 100% recyclable and preserves all of its properties, this makes it a highly desirable substance for recycling.

So, by recycling, we not only conserve natural resources but also alleviates environmental impacts by decreasing the amount of lead released at landfills. Also, 35 – 45% less energy is required to recycle lead in comparison to fresh ore mining. The majority of recycled lead is solely from lead-acid batteries.

Are you looking to sell old batteries?

Lead-acid batteries can be easily found in junkyards, old cars, heavy machinery and trucks. If you come across one, then it highly recommends selling it to the best scrap buyer for safe and appropriate recycling. Scrapbuk is leading scrap buyer in Chandigarh that buy several different types of metal and products including brass, lead-acid batteries, electric motors and scrap cans to name a few.

We offer free doorstep pickup services with several sized bins for large collections. If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss our services or sell metal, then please give us a call on 078143 00366. You can generate pickup request via the enquiry form on our website.