Things that can be recycled

Things that can be recycled

10 Things that can be recycled at home

Whether you’re searching for eco-friendly methods to sort out or just finding out the items which can be recycled at home, there are numerous creative ideas of recycling and giving new life to old objects.

In fact, your home is a treasure trove of material which can be reused, recycle, repurpose, or upcycle. Once you change your perception about throwing things away … you’ll find plenty of items every day that can be recycled.

What to Recycle Around Your Home?

If you’re concerned about your environment, take steps to ensure that enlisted 10 items should end up at the recycling center, not in the garbage:



Newspapers are one of the easiest and simplest items to recycle. Doing this can save up to 60 per cent of the resources required to make new newspapers.


Mixed Paper

According to the EPA, the paper contributes third of all municipal waste. From old papers to junk mail, everything in between should end up at the recycling store.


Glossy Magazines and Ads

Glossy Magazines with full-colour highly glossy variety can also be recycled. This same applies to advertisements and mailed coupon flyers as well.



Recycling one ton of cardboard can save approximately 9 cubic yards of landfill space and 24 per cent of the resources required to produce new cardboard. Flatten down the cardboard properly to conserve space.



The thin cardboard such as shoe boxes, product boxes and other containers can also be recycled. Be sure to crush them well to save space in the bin.


Plastic Drink Bottles

Polyethene terephthalate (PET) plastic is used in soda, juice and water bottles. In India, about 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day. Recycling them can greatly help the environment.


Plastic Product Bottles

Thicker plastic bottles used for detergent, shampoo, hand wash and other similar items are also recyclable. Before discarding, these bottles should be properly clean and plastic tops should be removed.


Aluminum Cans

Aluminum preserves its properties indeterminately, so it is a brilliant material for recycling. Doing this requires 95 per cent less energy as compared to the manufacturing of new cans. Recycling aluminum drops the urgency of new aluminum mining, which helps to preserve the environment.


Steel Cans

Steel (“Tin”) is still used for storage of many canned products such as fruits juice, vegetables soups and coffee. These steel can also be recycled, but don’t forget them to rinse them properly before recycling.


Glass Containers

Glass containers used in beverage and food packaging are 100 per cent recyclable. These can act as relieved for 95 per cent of raw materials used in the manufacturing of new glass products, glass recycling is a highly eco-friendly process.

The more items you send for recycling, the better of the atmosphere can be. The enlisted above 10 items should always be recycled. When in doubt, call us at for pickup of waste and verify how and where this material is recycled.