Types of Aluminium Scrap

Types of Aluminium Scrap

Non-magnetic metal, Aluminium is a non-ferrous material that can be identified by its silvery-white look. Aluminium is a versatile material used in plenty of product because it is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is very tough to corrode.

Same as copper, aluminium also has various grades that can get different aluminium scrap price, when it comes to aluminium scrapping. While scraping, you will come across different aluminium scrap types. So according to price and value, this aluminium scrap is sorted.

Below enlisted are all the types of aluminium scrap name that we accept.

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Sheet Aluminium

This category comprises of material such as window frame with plastic or steel, lawn chair without webbing, gauge pot or pans and jacketing of MC cables.


Cast Aluminium 

Aluminium which seems to be poured into the mold. This category includes material like mold from a particular application, BBQ grills or bases of light poles.  


Dirty Aluminum

This include anything that is having steel, plastic or rubber attached. When Scrapyard sees any non-aluminium material having clean aluminium attached to it, they try to sell it and earn money, but it’s difficult to get a good price.


Aluminium Cans

One of the most common items that are easily available in a scrapyard. With its common availability from a soda can, people usually collect, clean and crush them before selling. Be sure to call best scrap aluminium buyer, Scrapbuk for best aluminium scrap price.  


Aluminium Gutters

Primly collected by roofers and general contractor, Aluminium gutters are a common type of aluminium scrap found in a scrapyard. Nowadays with the increased use of vinyl siding, there is minimal aluminium scrap in residential building.


Aluminium Wires

While scraping wires, the white-silvery non-magnetic material are Aluminum wires. Thoroughly separate these wire from copper before selling it to aluminium scrap buyers in India. 


Aluminium Rims

Commonly found in automobiles, Aluminum Rims are another type of aluminium scrap. To earn maximum profit, you need to separate rubber tire from a lightweight wheel.  


Aluminium Quadrants

Ali Quadrants are commonly found in the rounded edges of hard surfaces such as or wall insulations, hard surfaces in floor or tiles. Often these are assorted with other alloys to produce different finishing such as copper.

The guide above has been you a clear idea about the breakdown types and grades of aluminium metal, which are commonly accepted by scrap yard. If you have material but you are confused about identity, the local scrap yard can help you with it. If you want to know more about the recent price and value of metal check our pricing page or give us a call on 078143 00366.

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