Types of plastic that can be recycled

Types of plastic that can be recycled

Plastics have astounding structure, strength and excellent recycling properties. Scrap plastics can be reprocessed into valuable products such as microwave dinnerware, bags, chairs, tables, furniture, decorations, medical pieces of equipment and other useful objects.

Enlisted below is the list including which plastics are safe to use and what plastic cannot be recycled.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is a flexible plastic used in oil bottles, plastic food wrapping, teething rings, children’s toys and blister wrapping for consumer products. It is used in the casing material such as computer cables, plastic pipes and other plumbing parts. Due to its impervious behaviour toward sunlight and weather, it is used in window frames, arbours, garden hoses, grilles and raised beds.

Almost in all products uses virgin PVC material for their manufacturing; less than 1% of PVC is recycled. Hence the products made from PVC plastic can be repurposed but not recycled.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 

HDPE plastic best plastic for recycling hence, it is used in the manufacturing of detergent, jugs, toys, oil bottles and plastic bags. HDPE is considered as safest forms of plastic as it can be recycled easily through a simple and cost-effective process.

HDPE plastic is very stiff plastic and does not break under exposure to sunlight. For this reason, HDPE is used to make plastic load, picnic tables, bins and other products that require weather-resistance.

HDPE products are reusable and recyclable.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

PET is most commonly used in consumer products and usually found in water and pop bottles. It is proposed for single use only as repeated use of PET increases the risk of bacterial growth and leaching.

This recycled fiber is used to make mats, swindle garments, padding for pillows and life jackets.

Products made PET plastic are only recycled not reused.


Polypropylene (PP)

With excellent heat-resistance qualities, Polypropylene plastic act as a barrier against grease, moisture and chemicals. For this reason, PP is used for pails, disposable diapers, plastic bottle tops, yoghurt containers, margarine, chip bags, packing tape, straws and rope.

Polypropylene can be recycled through curbside recycling programs, but only 3% of products are recycled. Recycled PP is used in battery cases, landscaping border stripping bins, brooms and trays.

PP is safe for reuse. To recycle products, you can sell your plastic trash plastic scrap buyers.


Polystyrene (PS) or Styrofoam:

Polystyrene is a lightweight, inexpensive and easily-formed plastic with numerous uses. It is often used to make take-out “clamshell” food bowls, one-use foam drinking cups, egg cartons, foam packaging and plastic picnic cutlery. Polystyrene is also commonly used in the manufacturing of underlay sheeting for floor lamination and stiff foam insulation.

Polystyrene products recycling is not available widely. To eliminate polystyrene from scrap, you can use a reusable coffee cup and picnic cutlery or instead prefer stainless steel take-out containers.

If you want to contribute toward the recycling of plastic material and want to keep your surrounding clean, the thing you can do is just collect the plastic scrap and sell it to reputed plastic scrap dealers in Chandigarh.