Useful things you can make from recycle plastic bottles

Useful things you can make from recycle plastic bottles

United Nations data shows that 2.12 billion tons of trash are generated in the world every year, and this amount has been increasing. Since the invention of various methods to make polymers from petrochemical resources, the plastics industry has undergone tremendous changes. Plastic is affordable, light and durable materials. These materials are easily transformed into many products which can used in various fields. As a result, plastic production has increased significantly in the past 60 years.

Recycling provides an opportunity to reduce oil consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce waste that needs to be disposed of.

There are many reasons for recycling plastic bottles. First, recycling can reduce pollution caused by the chemicals used to make these bottles. Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills so that our waste does not accumulate. Recycling also creates jobs for people who collect recyclables and work in places where they convert waste into into new materials. Recycling is a good way to protect the environment and economy.

The Process of Recycling Plastic

Recycling process involves many steps: First, bottles must be collected from home, factories, and other places; then each plastic bottle needs to be separated from the metal, glass, and other objects that people throw into the Dustbin.

Then all the bottles are crushed and shredded, then melted and made into small sized pellets, which are then packaged and sold to companies that can melt them. And turn them into many different products. Think of all the plastic toys, tools, electronics, and other plastic items in your home. Many are made of recycled plastic.

Useful things we can make from recycle plastic bottles

Billions of water bottles are used every year around the world but a small part of it recycled.  A water bottle, it can be made into plastic pellets, and then sold to companies to make carpets, clothing, furniture, etc. Plastic bottles are an integral part of this supply chain and must be transported on the sidewalk or recycled in the yard.

With the popularity of plastic recycling, below are the companies that have done a great job in recycling plastic bottle products into new useful materials.

Hamilton Perkins Collection

Hamilton Perkins Earth Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic products, in this case plastic bottles are used to reduce the environmental impact. Some other product are:

  • Clothes

  • Wallets

  • Backpacks

Nike-  Nike use yarn from recycled plastic bottles to make football jerseys for the US men’s and women’s football teams. Nike estimates that they used more than 3 billion plastic bottles in their efforts. This is a remarkable achievement and a great example of plastic recycling.

Pilot – Pilot, a pen company has developed an interesting program called Bottle 2 Pen, which transfers material from a plastic bottle to 2-3 pens each. Pilot pen launched bottle 2 pen progam which made pen from plastic material.

More Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas

Some more plastic bottle recycling projects you can try at home:

  • Garden sprinklers

  • Mailing tubes

  • Bird feeders

  • Scoops and trowels

  • Piggy banks

  • Garden Pots