Waste Recycling Industry in India

Waste Recycling Industry in India

India produces about 960 million tonnes of waste each year. There is no doubt that India has serious waste management issues. It is one of our country's most serious issues. Every day, a large amount of waste is produced, and the majority of it is not properly managed. This has far-reaching consequences for the environment and human health.

The current climate crisis requires that the global population become more conscious of their consumption patterns and engage in sustainable waste separation and management practices. There are numerous things you can do at home to protect the environment, but if you need assistance, support is also available outside.

A number of organizations have been established in India to assist you in reusing, reducing, and recycling the things you use on a daily basis. We've compiled a list of such organizations and services that are attempting to bring you closer to a sustainable future.

But first, let's look at the benefits of waste management organizations and different companies working in the field of waste recycling as well as how Scrapbuk is bringing change in this industry.

Benefits of waste management organizations

Efficient and cost-effective: Waste management organizations collect, sort, dispose of, and recycle waste. They have everything they need to dispose of the waste properly. Waste management businesses provide cost-effective packages based on your budget.

Eco-friendly practice: Waste management organizations make sure that the waste they collect is appropriately disposed of. The trash is either recycled or composted. It saves the earth by reducing carbon emissions. Some businesses recycle trash and turn it into useful and valuable items.

A healthy and safe environment: On-time scrap pickup and efficient waste disposal will keep your surroundings clean and sanitary. It protects you from illnesses caused by stinking waste.

Customized waste collection: Different types of waste, such as dry, solid, paper, and e-waste, might be generated by a business. Waste management organizations collect, sort, and recycle this waste using various methods. They make certain that all of these processes are eco-friendly.

Helps the local economy: Waste management organizations in India tend to hire the poor. They empower many households while also assisting in the development of a sustainable economy.

Different companies working in the field of waste recycling


Attero is a corporation that deals with electronic waste. They recycle discarded gadgets into renewable energy sources. Disruptive technology is used to recycle end-of-life devices at their recycling centers. With its cutting-edge technology, Attero is able to recover nearly 98 percent of high-quality minerals. They are also the largest tin producer in India.

Data security, takeback action, recycling, upcycling, reverse logistics, and extended producer responsibility compliance are among their offerings. LG, Whirlpool, OPPO, and others are among their clients.

Saahas Zero Waste

Saahas Zero Waste serves technological parks, residential complexes, MNCs, educational institutions, hotels, and other businesses with end-to-end waste management services. They also offer consultation and extended producer responsibility. They make roofing sheets, clipboards, stationery, recycled textile products, clothes, from the waste collection, and other waste-based products.

They also have offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, and Noida. Amazon, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, RMZ Group, and Microsoft are among their clients.

NEPRA - Let's Recycle

Let’s recycle is an initiative by NEPRA Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. They specialize in the handling and recycling of dry waste. In Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore, and Jamnagar, they have material recovery facilities.

Fortune, LeMeridian, Pride, Ramada, Silver Cloud, Tulip Inn, Aloft, Country Inn & Suites are some of its clientele in the hospitality industry. Automobile, retail, education, corporate, and health industries are among their clients.

Namo E-waste

Namo E-waste helps reduce, reuse, and recycle electronic assets in India, with collection facilities in 12 states and union territories. When a customer schedules an electronic trash pickup, the company arranges the collection and transports the material to its Faridabad recycling facility. Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, ICICI Bank, Tata Sky, and Godrej are just a few of their clients.

Scrapbuk bringing change

Scrapbuk has had a significant influence on the booming waste management sector by establishing profitable chain management with a hassle-free online pick-up arrangement for users via a dedicated Mobile Application and website.

Scrapbuk is committed to resolving India's waste management crisis. Anyone may book a hassle-free scrap pickup with a mobile app, which will be processed by Scrapbuk's skilled and verified pickup team. Scrapbuk implements tactics to maintain a hygienic exchange procedure and emphasize the safety and welfare of all parties involved in light of the COVID-19 health sanitary situation.

Scrapbuk has been working in the Tricity actively collecting scrap from Panchkula, Mohali, and Chandigarh and recycling it With Scrapbuk, expanding we hope to bring about a convenient service that brings a fresh solution to the growing problem of waste mismanagement in India.


We hope that this blog has given you some useful information regarding India's leading waste management organizations. There are many waste management firms to choose from, and we hope you find one that best suits your needs.