What are some of the ways to stop global deforestation or at least control it?

What are some of the ways to stop global deforestation or at least control it?

Plant trees

Planting a tree is the most straightforward personal approach for combating deforestation. Planting a tree could be viewed as a long-term investment in the environment and your mental health.

The deforestation releases billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. Planting trees helps to mitigate global warming because trees absorb carbon dioxide. You are also assisting in reducing runoff water from the hills. Tree roots help to prevent landslides and rock slides, which can sometimes hurt animals, humans, or destroy buildings. Planting and caring for trees is critical to the community's general health and quality of life.

Use less paper

Every day, two million trees are cut down to meet the United States' paper needs.

Globally, paper products consume 30-40 percent of all timber, and demand for paper rises by two to three percent every year.

You are unintentionally spinning the circle of forest destruction by printing out every email and wasting paper. Reduce your use of paper whenever possible. You will reduce your contribution to forest loss in this manner.

Recycle paper and cardboard

Did you know that recycling one tonne of paper saves 17 trees? If just 10% of the paper consumed by the average American in a year was recycled, 24 to 25 million trees would be saved. This means that even if you recycle one paper item out of ten, you are making a difference.

Use recycled products

On your new notebook, you may have spotted a small label that says "made from recycled paper." The same label can be found on a variety of everyday items such as books, paper bags, egg packing, and even tissue.

By purchasing things manufactured from recycled paper, you are helping to minimize the demand for more timber.

Reduce meat consumption

The global need for meat continues to rise, but our livestock-rearing space does not. As a result, animal ranching has become one of the primary causes of deforestation in the Amazon. Around 70% of the Amazon rainforest is cleared to make space for cattle ranches.

If you opt to consume less meat, you will lessen worldwide demand for meat and help prevent additional forest destruction.

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Anamika Manhas