What are the 5 best e-waste solutions?

What are the 5 best e-waste solutions?

What should you do with your unused electronics waste?

Every aspect of our lives is gradually getting entangled with technology. As a result, electronics have become a crucial part of our daily lives, but the flip side is the e-waste that comes along with them. You should safely dispose of e-waste without affecting the environment if you consider these ideas.:

Return unused electronics to electronics stores and drop-off locations.

Several electronic companies have an exchange programme in which they will accept back your old devices when you purchase a newer model, sometimes even giving you a discount on your new purchase.

Several recycling companies have established e-waste drop-off programs, as well as drop-off facilities for items like cell phones and tablets, which are then recycled. Any information about drop-off locations can be obtained by contacting your local electronics store.

Visit Civic Institutions

Enquire about any recycling programmes offered by your government, institutions, and schools, since many organizations have begun to give a certain day and location for eco-friendly citizens to drop off their e-waste.

Donating Your Outdated Technology

You can donate old electronics that you no longer use because they may be valuable to others. Your old Desktop could be valuable to a non-profit organization (NGO) or students. You can choose from a variety of organizations and businesses that provide electronic donation service such as Scrapbuk Service Pvt. Limited.

Sell Off Your Outdated Technology

As the adage goes, one man's trash can be another man's treasure. This can be used to benefit you in getting rid of obsolete electronics. You may use internet sites like Craigslist and eBay, or even organize a garage sale to get rid of your old electronics while still making some money.

Sell e-waste to a Certified E-waste Recycler

The positive thing about e-waste recycling is that you have a few recycling options. You need to find an e-waste buyer who is officially certified such as Scrapbuk Services Pvt. Limited is an online platform dedicated to recycling e-waste safely and responsibly. They offer you the best prices and also schedule a free door step pick-up service for e-waste collection in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula)


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Ankita Devi