What is Freecycling

What is Freecycling


Freecycling was introduced to fulfil the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling. It has promoted awareness to people on how they can give away materials using online websites.

Freecycling is defined as an arrangement that is conducted through the internet to give away used or unwanted materials as opposed to selling or tossing them into landfills.



Freecycling is an act devoted to keeping recycled materials from being thrown into landfills. All you have to do is post the items you would love to give out for free on the social media websites and official websites which provide a connection between people. Once another person sees your post, he/she will choose the items they are interested in and reach you through emails or phone numbers for verification of details.

To give away the material you posted, you just have to follow the instructions directed on the website, and fill in all your details carefully on the recommended gaps which will help the person identify wherever you are and come to correct the items you listed.




Here is an example of freecycling

You have an old phone which is outdated and you are not using it anymore. Now you can give it to someone for free. You can easily do this by joining some Facebook groups related to freecycling and add an offer post. If a person is interested to buy it, he/she will content you.

There are a lot of materials you can give to Scrapbuk. We allow Tricity locals to sell scrap and donate any kind of item which can recycle we accept metal, newspapers, pet plastic bottle, E-waste from our customers. All also share our revenues with our partner local NGOs.




Reduces waste.

Freecycling is a great way of getting rid of items you no longer need. It is safe because giving out things is a better option than throwing them into landfills. Some materials are thrown into the landfills but yet they can be important to other people.

Sharing for free is also a way of showing kindness to people who need such things.


It saves money

Freecycling is a non-profit network that can help you save money from your wallet. If you give away your items to Scrapbuk it will be fair enough because it does not allow you to waste any money since they have a free pick up service in Tricity ( Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula) which will come to collect the items you posted on our official online platform (mobile, apps and website). In doing so, they will easily help you save money while you save the earth from pollution and other harmful substances that can affect the environment.


It increases the sense of cohesion.

Giving out things for free takes one's heart willingness. Cohesion is simply the form of uniting and coming together as one. The more you give away items, the more you realise you have helped a soul out there. So it's good to release all those items you feel like they are of no use and give them to Scrapbuk.



If you are thinking of throwing used and unwanted items you have in your homes and offices, kindly reach Scrapbuk to save your time. We are specialized in collecting all scrap material from your doorstep according to your own time. All you need to do is to go on our website and read all the instructions, fill in the necessary details (Address, Pick up Date and time) and choose the items you would like to give out as a donation. Let's come together as one to save the earth from harmful substances.