What is the best scrap metal to sell

What is the best scrap metal to sell

If you are not recycling scrap metal than you are simply throwing away money to the bin. For instance, if you are throwing away can, rusted metal or old gadgets then you are missing out your earning from the trash. It’s not a secret but many people are unaware about the value of trash.

Along with adding some extra money to your income you are contributing to the process of recycling which helps to sustain the environment.

The best place where you can find trash is garage, patio and kitchen. Finding and collecting the metal scrap in the home take huge efforts and time. To make the best use of your efforts and time you need to be familiar with the value and properties of metals.

The enlisted below are the top 5 value metal



Brass is usually found in lamp fittings, taps, doorknobs or particularly at the decorative end of the spectrum.

Brass is commonly used in plumbing components – you might find it at fixtures connecting dishwashers to the pipes that are made of brass. Mechanical gears and bearings are also made of brass.



Copper is one of the most common metals which one can find around easily. If you have any broken electrical appliances or old pipes left from plumbing, then you are likely to have some copper which you could turn into scrap and earn money.



When people think about aluminium scrap the first strike to everyone’s mind is soft drink cans. While aluminium cans and other packaging can offer a good return when recycled at the metal yard, there are ample of other items from which aluminium can be gained.

Old electronic appliances such as gaming consoles and computers, bike frames and even some car parts also contain momentous amounts of aluminium.



Iron is one of the most recycled ferrous metals, in which all grades of scrap are being separated, shredded, and melted for remanufacturing. High volumes of iron scrap are found in end-of-life appliances, end-of-life vehicles and all types of industrial piping and plumbing. Iron scrap can also be found as “cast iron” – commonly used in older homes. This would comprise a door hinge and handles, heating radiators etc.



Steel is one of the widely used metals throughout the world. You can find it everywhere, from your car to chairs, cabinets, shelves and more. Steel doesn’t payback a good amount of money but it is wise to collect steel scrap for recycling. Steel is the most recycled metal among all above as it can be melted down and reused again and again.

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