What is the cost of a 250ml pet bottle after use

What is the cost of a 250ml pet bottle after use

Significant number of PET bottles are contrived and sold every year, with an incredible number of them ending up in junkyards. What if I say that you can earn handsome amount of money from this trash? Let us have a look and try to find out the what a 250ml PET bottle cost after use.

After being thrown out by the consumer, these PET bottle trash are collected by rag pickers and are further sold to the kabadiwala or scrap dealers. At scrap dealer site these bottles are sorted, which means the caps are removed and these cap less bottle are transformed into bales. Bales are cuboid shaped compressed bottle. Bailing is basically done to make the transportation easy, as after bailing one can transfer 8-9 tons in one go.

These bales are transferred to the recycling site, where the trader seller get Rs. 30 to 31 per kg. At this stage the bottle are washed thoroughly and crushed. With the help of conveyor belt, the bottles are cut and are converted to flakes.

The interesting facts is these washed flakes are used as filling material for pillows, cushions and converted into fabrics used in clothing. These final product is sell between 50-110 kg approximately, which is an evident that r-PET product marketing is enormous. These recycled PET bottles fiber is used in Indian cricket team t-shirt.

Thus, this is evidenced from above story that life of PET bottle doesn’t end after one use, neither is its financial value lost! So discard a PET bottle properly or collected them if you really want to earn money from this trash.

Apart from earning from trash there are several more advantages, some of them are enlisted below:

Reduce Clutter

If these PET bottle are not recycled or collected properly then this might lead to huge garbage dumps, which causes harmful impact on environment and human lives. So proper recycling of the garbage helps to lessen down clutter and keep us away from diseases. 

Save people from the ultraviolet rays

Burning of waste causes various skin problem, which can be prevented by proper recycling of waste. 

To earn Money

Cash from trash! Those who really make hard efforts to collect plastic bottles can earn handsome amount of money. You can sell these collect bottle to kadabiwala or can craft some useful item and sell them online.