What is the highest paying scrap metal

What is the highest paying scrap metal

Scrap metal can be profitable without being a time-consuming task. You may easily turn scrap metal into cash if you take some time to learn how to sell metals you have, arrange clean them.

The distinction between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is the first thing you should learn. Nonferrous metals do not contain iron, whereas in ferrous metals and alloys contain iron metal. The distinction between the two is that non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and lead have more value than ferrous metals.

Highest Paying Scrap metal

You should know how much you can expect to be paid before you go out looking for a fortune in scrap metal. That relies entirely on what you're bringing in like:



Copper is a basic household material. It can be found in plumbing pipes, roofing materials such as gutters, and inside air conditioners and among other places. One of the most valuable metals to recycle is copper. As a result, separating it from your other metals can give you decent cash.



Brass is commonly seen in hardware such as keys, doorknobs, light fixtures, and bathroom fixtures. Brass, which is made up of copper and zinc, is frequently used in plumbing fixtures and at the ends of copper pipelines. Brass is a good priced scrap metal commodity that, due to its density, it quickly mounts up in weight.



Aluminium cans are frequently collected and taken to scrap yards in large quantities. But cans aren't the only thing this metal can be used for. It can be found in a various location throughout your home, including window frames, doors, and more which worth a lot of money.



Steel is one of the most widely utilised metals on the planet. You can find it in a variety of locations, including your car, chairs, shelves, cupboards, and more. Keep a look out for stainless steel that is more valuable, especially in the kitchen - catering equipment, outdated silverware, and even components of old refrigerators could be well worth scrapping.


How to sell scrap metal to Scrapbuk ?

To sell scrap metal on scrapbuk first you need to register through our official website and app. After that fill all important information like address etc. Then select type of metal you want to sell e.g aluminum, copper, brass, steel, tin, iron. Schedule a date of pickup and scrapbuk team will visit our place at appointed time.


What is current scrap metal prices offer by scrapbuk to people?

The value of various scrap metals is constantly fluctuating according to the market price. Furthermore, because values fluctuate all the time, what you got for it depend on the market price of the scrap metal.


Our current metal prices are

Aluminum: 105 Kg

Copper : 500 Kg

Brass : 400 Kg

Steel : 35 Kg

Tin : 24 Kg

Iron : 28 Kg