What is the use of PET bottle scrap

What is the use of PET bottle scrap

One of the most outstanding qualities of PET’s bottle scrap is its excellent recyclability. About 1.5 billion pounds of PET bottles are recycled every year. This process of recycling is furtive to most of the people, as we drop bottle to the bin and for us, it’s ending.

Do you ever wonder what’s next? Does this recycling of PET Bottle Scrap make difference? Why it is better than landfill dispose of? No worries, you will get answers to all of your question through this blog.

PET can be reused and recycled through the techniques naming:

  1. Thoroughgoing washing and remolding for manufacturing of new products
  2. Use of chemical method for breaking down into constituent raw materials, which are further purified and used for making new products.

If PET bottle scrap is not suitable for recycling then it is be properly cleaned and proficiently burned as an energy source and this whole process is known as "thermal recycling."

PET Bottle Scrap Use 

The pet bottle that you throw into dustbin can be collected and recycled into a new product for future use. PET Bottle scrap can be recycled and use to make plenty of new products such as clothing, PET containers, industrial strapping, new carpet, automotive parts, construction materials, protective packaging and even transformed into for tennis balls, and tennis ball canisters.

The market for PET directly depends upon the amount of PET bottle scrap collected from people and recycling facilities. But the good news is that facilities are expanding the resource efficacies and sustainability of PET which can recycle pet bottles into new food-grade PET bottles.

Use the Recycle Bin

To make maximum PET's environmental profits and sustainability, consumers need to participate actively in the recycling process.

Unfortunately, most of us carelessly throw our PET bottles into the trash rather than a bin, which means they will be transferred to landfills instead of the recycling centre.

 PET is passive and resistant to micro-organisms attack so, the bottles and containers at landfill pose no risk of contaminating groundwater or leaching, and only little landfill space is required as they are easily crumpled.

However, the one-time use and disposal of PET bottle is a wastage of a highly valued material which can be easily reused or recycled. PET strongly supports the lessening of waste, reprocessing and re-use of item. Recycling PET bottles are an environmentally responsible way toward a sustainable future.

Along with a sustainable future, by collecting PET bottle you can earn a handsome amount of cash. There are plenty of organizations available, which are working online and offering hassle-free pickup of the trash from your home.