What is the use of scrap battery

What is the use of scrap battery

Scrap batteries contain hazardous metal that can adversely affect our environment, so it’s dangerous as well as illegal to dump them in landfills. For proper disposal, sell your battery trash to scrap battery buyer where proper disposal process is done through recycling.

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Where to Recycle a Car Battery?

The two methods to recycle old batteries are either send them directly to the battery recycling facility or sell them to scrap battery dealer. You can search online for “scrap battery buyers near me”. Alternatively, you can replace your old one with a new purchase from an auto store.

Uses of battery Scrap

In battery Scrap recycling process, the scrap material is broken down and separated into three basic parts: plastic, electrolytes and lead.



The outer casing of the battery is shattered down into small plastic pieces. Further, these pieces are melted down and transformed into a new casing for car batteries.



Same as plastic, the lead is also melted and converted into lead ingots. The prime source of lead in the battery is grid, terminals and posts. This recycled lead is used in the manufacturing of new battery parts. Leftovers lead oxide is reused in manufacturing of future batteries.



Electrolytes are a vital part of the recycling process. Sulfuric acid is used as electrolyte conductor in car batteries, which needs proper handling and disposal as it evaluates toxic smokes that are unsafe for our environment as well as human health.

A basic compound defuses battery acid and converts it into water. Then, this water is treated for dumping in the drain system. Alternatively, battery acid can be converted into sodium sulfate, which can be used in textiles, laundry detergent and glass.

Why Recycling a Car Battery is Important?

According to recent survey reports, 90% of batteries go through the recycling process, which is extremely remarkable, considering people only recycle 55% of aluminium cans and 26% of glass bottles every year.

This evidenced from the survey that people are serious about recycling, and for good reason. Battery acid requires processing, and the elements recycled such as plastic and lead can be used in new batteries, thus abolishing battery waste is beneficial.

With an increase in awareness and scrap battery dealers, recycling car batteries will become part of our community, and soon recycling batteries process will touch 100%!

Safety tips for Scrap Battery Removal

  1. Don’t forget to disconnect your battery cables before checking or moving, and always disconnect the negative terminal first.
  2. Keep the battery erect.
  3. Be very careful while lifting or carrying, as drop can hurt your foot!
  4. If there is any dents or leakage do not move it. Consult any professional scrap battery buyer.