Why Should You Recycle Your Old Cell Phone and How Should You Do It?

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Cell Phone and How Should You Do It?

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is becoming more prominent, posing a serious threat to the environment and human health. Certain phone components may contain hazardous materials. They can also leach harmful compounds into soil and groundwater if not properly disposed of. Fortunately, this may be avoided because phones can be reused, refurbished, or discarded responsibly.

When you recycle, the components of your old cell phones can be safely recycled and utilized, keeping waste out of landfills and reducing the extraction of new raw materials for cell phone production. You will be contributing to protecting the environment by properly disposing of your old cell phones.

What to do before you recycle your phone?

There are a few things you need to do first if you want to recycle your phone:

  • Back up your data 
  • Sign out of apps that hold your details 
  • Remove any passwords saved in your browsers.
  • Turn off any payment services 
  • Take your SIM card and any external storage 

Earn some money by trading

Trade-in programs are available from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and even Apple, where you can trade in an old phone for a discount on a new one. Best Buy and Staples both provide trade-in schemes where you can get money for your old device. Locally owned retailers or businesses may be interested in purchasing your old phones. You can also compare prices to get the best offer.

Donate your phone

Old cell phones can also be donated to charity, thanks to organizations that recycle donated phones and donate the money to several causes. They try to repair it first, then search for recycling centers to make sure the materials don't end up in landfills if the phones can't be used.

Drop-Off Sites

Call2Recycle, which is a battery recycling service for consumers worldwide that accepts "all sorts of cell phones and cell phone batteries regardless of size, make, model, or age." Call2Recycle collaborates with thousands of retail and government partners around the country to build a nationwide network of battery and mobile phone recycling drop-off facilities.

EcoATM, a start-up with 4,800 automated phone-recycling kiosks across the country, has added thousands of more drop-off locations. Depending on the type of phone and its condition, these kiosks may buy it from you or at least accept it for free recycling. On their websites, both Call2Recycle and ecoATM feature location tools to help you identify the nearest drop-off location.

There is another solution i.e. Scrapbuk Services Pvt. Limited an online platform for recycling any kind of scrap in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula. Scrapbuk provides you with the best prices and free pickup services. Also it is authorized E-Waste scrap buyer in tricity. You can also download their mobile application easily for smooth experience from Google playstore and Apple Store.

Authored by :

Ankita Devi