At SCRAPBUK, we believe it is our corporate responsibility to use our platform for the welfare of the society. We have partnered with multiple NGO's and has listed down their requirements. We request our users to donate any of the following items to these NGO.

Required Items

  1. Blankets – Single Bed – 50 pieces
  2. Sweaters – Medium Size – 10 pieces
  3. Shoes – Size 5, 6, 8 – 5 pieces
  4. Raw Vegetables – Potatoes, Onions
  5. Books – Story, Writing (English & Mathematics)

SCRAPBUK, is proudly associated with AASHRAY, TBMS, EACH 1, HELPING HUT, NAAYAAB, SUPPORTING HANDS, YEF for the noble cause. All of the above NGOs are tri-city based. Contact details of authorized persons of these NGOs are provided. We would be happy to arrange your visit to the NGOs and would promote the noble cause on our platform.

  1. Aashray India
  2. Acic
  3. Chandigarh Life
  4. CGC
  5. Edifecs
  6. Shri Guru Gobind Singh College
  7. Invest Punjab
  8. Parijai
  9. St Soldier School
  10. Teleflex
  11. Wissenresearch
  12. Blue Bird High School
  13. Happy Nature