Battery Scrap Buyer

Recently, waste management has become a serious problem for the world, as there are some items such as batteries which cannot be treated properly. At max people just sell these items to battery scrap buyer or throw it on some unattended road corner. Some people consider these items as usual waste and transfer them to jammed landfills. In all the above situation, there is a need of someone who can take the challenge to recycle these items and a safe environment. However, all thanks to battery scrap buyer that treat the battery trash scientifically.

Sell Old and Used Battery

Scrapbuk is a leading scrap battery buyers in India that deal with drained batteries, used car battery etc. We offer an exclusive deal and best price for scrap batteries.

We are featured with the online system and hence if you want to sell the scrap you just need to provide your details. You need to provide us with personal details such as name and contact number so that our representative can approach the seller easily.

We as a best scrap dealer uses the latest technology for the recycling process and do our best to contribute for clean and green earth. Being a leading scrap battery buyer, we offer our clients the best rates along with an exciting offer to sell trash online.

As the battery scrap prices keep on changing, we offer the best rates as well as support services through which you can sell the battery scrap without investing time and efforts. We offer free pick up facility of the scrap along with best facilities and rates.

What do we accept?

We deal in all types of battery scraps. Below enlisted are all the different types of batteries we purchase and recycle.

We deal in all types of Batteries Scrap in Tricity. Our prime motto is customer satisfaction and our team of professionals helps us to achieve this by maintaining a strict delivery schedule, dealing ethically and providing modified packaging facility as per customer requirement.

  • Automotive batteries
  • Car batteries
  • Lead-based batteries
  • Solar batteries
  • Inverter batteries
  • Portable Batteries
  • UPS batteries
  • Industrial batteries

Why choose us?

  • Fair Trade in battery Scrap
  • Free and doorstep collection for battery scrap
  • Free on-site guesstimates
  • Fair price for your items
  • Instant Payment
  • Material collections at your convenience
  • We deal with are reliable and professional vendors

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