Copper Scrap Buyer

Copper is a widely used metal, due to its properties and advantages. The copper metal looks similar to gold in terms of its characteristics and color but is less valued than gold. Although that is why the price of copper scrap has raised significantly in past years and presently it is one of the most valuable metals.

In early 9000B.C, copper was used for jewelry such as bangles, necklaces, and bracelets. With increased usage and price, the metal becomes the replacement for gold and iron. Presently, copper is used in the manufacturing of pipelines, automobiles, and electric cables.

Sell Copper Scrap & Copper Wire

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Our simple and effective solution

  • We offer doorstep pick up service.
  • We pay according to the weights, hence offering the source of income as well as encouraging them to collect more and more scrap.
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