Electronic Scrap Buyer

Scrapbuk as a leading electronic scrap buyer in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali), who deals with old telecommunication scrap, hard drives, computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, copiers, phones, fax machines, VCRs, broken, surplus and outmoded electronic devices.

As all, IT scrap contains several toxic materials and toxic hazardous chemicals that are tainted into the environment if not dispose of properly. On your single call, our vendor reaches to your house for electronic scraps collection. Our company deals in all kinds of electronic scraps buying from the manufacturer, vendor and industry, and recycle it.  

If you are looking for the well-known  scrap merchant in Chandigarh, Mohali then get in touch with our expert via the website. Don’t throw or dispose of the e-scraps on the landfills. Rather than, sell it to e waste buyers like Scrapbuk. Just dial our number to generate scraps request. We will offer you the best price and our vendors will reach your place with proper transport facility and collection equipment. 

What I can Sell?

Electronics scrap is commonly known as IT scrap or e-scrap.

You can sell IT Related items such as Desktop, Servers, CPU’s, Monitors, Laptops, Printers, Telephones, Scanners, Keyboard, Projectors, Mouse, Network Equipment, Photocopiers, Projectors, Laptops, Hard disk and Tabs.  

Domestic Appliances (washing machines, Fridges, ACs, TV’s, Speakers, Radios, Fans, UPS Systems, Microwaves, Cell- Phones, Display Damage LED / LCD TV, Routers and Display Issue TV).

Set-top Boxes, Pumps, Remote Controls, Motors, Camera, Freezers, Electrical Panels, Refrigerator, Mobile Phones and Dishwasher.

Non-IT materials (DG sets, Chiller Plant, Printed Circuit Boards, Power Back-up Battery, Ups Battery, Pcb Boards, Medical Equipment and inverter battery.

Our Services Features

We can collect electronic scraps with the help of machines, without leaving any mess behind. 

  • Free transportation facility is available
  • You will be paid instantly
  • Come at your doorstep at one call
  • Secure E-scrap Recycling
  • E-Scrap Collection Services all over India
  • We will do spot payments in a transparent manner

Benefits of using our services


Sell E Waste Online

Sell E waste online is a convenient way through which user can dispose of their E-waste and sell their scrap at the best rate. If you’re looking for some verified E-Waste, buyer to sell, discard or dispose of E-scrap, then book Scrapbuk for safe disposal.


Trustworthy and Cost-effective

Scrapbuk offers trustworthy and cost-effective service for electronic scrap collection. We collect all types of electronic goods, and safely dispose of them, for data security assurance.


Data Security

We assure that the data from the device is wiped as per the industry standards.



Scrapbuk maintains 100% amenability for the purchase of electronics by providing documents such as Invoice or Authorization certificate.