Milk Packet Recycler

Recycle Empty Milk Packets

Who isn't aware of the negative impacts that plastic has on the environment? The most common type of plastic seen in every home is milk packets, which are cut and dumped carelessly without consideration for proper disposal.

Though everyone is aware that they clog drains and choke water bodies, affects marine life in a variety of ways, as well as pose a severe hazard to the soil when disposed of in landfills since they do not decompose, people seem to not care for all these details.

Only 10% of people recycle empty milk packets. Why not 90%. The reason for this could be a lack of time to spend on thinking and implementing how effectively they can dispose of or recycle this dangerous waste. But now you can sell your empty milk packets or recycle milk packets from the convenience of your home and can get a good amount or our special seed pencil made up of newspaper with Scrapbuk best milk packet recycler in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula).


Follow simple steps for milk packet recycling:

Simply rinse out milk packets when you finish with them.

Dry the packet until the water drains out.

Collect the packets and store them for pickup.


Why choose Scrapbuk?

Rarely picked by local rag pickers (local kabadiwala) due to the low resale value, milk bags often end up in landfills and water bodies due to poor disposal. That’s why Scrapbuk, the best milk packet recycler and milk packet buyer is here to help you recycle your milk packets.

1. Scrapbuk provides a free scrap pickup service and our executive will collect your empty milk packets whenever it is convenient for you.

2. We provide two options either money or seed pencils in exchange for empty milk packets.

3. We also offer recycling certificate to our Recycling Star

3. We are featured with experienced and verified pickers.

4. Customer satisfaction is our top goal.


So, without giving a second thought! Call us at (+91-7814300366), (+91-7814300362).