Old Newspaper Buyer

More than half of global waste is caused by the wide use of paper products. Paper materials are used in schools, business companies, offices and supermarkets. Above all, household waste gives a maximum contribution to mounting up landfill at the outskirt of the city. One of the most widely used paper products in school and houses is the newspaper. While recycling centres are doing their job in processing every piece of garbage into reusable items, residents should also take possible steps to recycle the old newspaper.

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Benefits of selling old newspapers online


When you sell old newspapers online, you will find plenty of online organizations that are digitally certified and offer you with transactions transparency.

Going Eco-Friendly

The items you dispose or throw away in a bin can be recycled proficiently, thus conserve natural resources and prevent pollution by selling those items online.

Ease of Mind

With reputable online scrap buyers, sell your scrap hassle-free. Ensuring the procedure extremely hassle-free, you can stay busy with your regular business without worrying about the scrap.

At Scrapbuk, we offer scrap pickup service for household, communities and industries based in Tricity. We deal in all kinds of scrap materials such as electronic waste, paper waste, aluminium, electronic appliances, Iron scrap, plastic scrap, old newspapers, steel scrap, books, e-waste, fridge, etc.