Scrap Metal Buyer

Scrapbuk runs an online trade-in service which allow users to sell and purchase of scrap directly from their houses, industries or warehouse. With an inimitable pricing algorithm perfected to the Indian market, Scrapbuk provides the customer exclusive scrap metal buyer services, including instant quotes for scrap, free pickup and quick payment via cash or online payments.

Our service makes it easier for the consumer to sell their scrap digitally, helping preserve the planet’s resources, and putting extra money to their pockets.

We utilize effective processing and logistics techniques to level up recovery rates. We provide our clients with full logistics support such as metal and waste removal at an effective cost.

What do we buy? 

If you’re planning to sell metal scrap to us, but you are unsure about the materials which we take as scrap, feel free to contact us directly, and our experts work around the clock to answer your questions relevant to scrap production.

We as the best metal scrap dealer offer sustainable scrap metal recycling and we buy:

What you get when you sell trash to us?


Free Transportation

With our expert team, we serve our customer need in a very quick and effective fashion. We are open 6 days a week to ensure convenient doorstep service.


Electronic Scrap Weighing

For precise weight measurement of ferrous scrap, our experts use an Electronic Weighing machine.


Responsible Recycling

When you sell to Scrapbuk, be assured that you are selling scrap to the best scrap metal buyer in India, which has an optimistic reputation, is a forerunner in scrap recycling, and follows all other safe practices strategies, and primly focuses on sustainability.


Profitable Metal Scrap Prices

We ensure attractive metal prices, by proper weighing through the electronic weighing machine. Apart from the attractive price, you can avail yourself plenty of exciting offers provided by us.

Selling your scrap at Scrapbook means extra cash in your pocket and more satisfaction that you’ve made the precise financial decision.

Why work with Scrapbuk?

We are linked with a vast network of professionals and logistic providers, who perform effective scrap metal recycling that makes transportation simple and maximize profits. We prioritize nature safety and environmental guideline obedience throughout the service.

We are a team of professionals who work together to offer top-notch services in scrap metal recycling

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