Sell Motherboard Scrap

A motherboard is referred to as a circuit board and logic board that provides connectivity between the hardware components of a computer like a processor, memory, hard drive and video card.

Motherboard failure is usually caused by overheating due to variation of power supply in some parts of the computer's circuit. Once damaged, a lot of systems in the computer like the fans and the drives stops functioning and nothing works on the computer even if it is switched on.

When the motherboard is damaged, it does not mean that it can no longer be used again because even if they stop functioning, they are still considered as the most valuable scraps. The motherboard is the important part of the computer used to connect different devices to a computer and once it is sold it will help you earn a lot of money.

Sell Motherboard Scrap Online

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Computer Motherboard Scrap Price

With all the services we offer, we buy motherboard scrap price at the price which is 180 rupees per kg. The more the quantity, the more the cash you will earn. So make sure you gather all the motherboard scrap so you can earn more profits.

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